minimalist survival strategy

Take control of a flying construction drone
whose only means of defense is a transport hook.

Kickstarter - 24th July, 2019

PC & Mac, possibly consoles

Post-apocalyptic Sci-fi

Resource management, Strategy


Delve into the vast and ever-changing wasteland where laws of nature do not necessarily apply.

Examine the ruins of ages long gone. Scan the environment for hidden secrets and tinker with the old radio technology in search for answers.


Create your base piece by piece from a flexible system of construction blocks.

Find the fragile balance between economy and defense. Acquire new construction blueprints and discover useful synergies.


Defend againts endless assaults and find a way to fight back.

Manage the few resources you have and try to scavenge for more. Choose your strategy and adapt to new challenges. Make your last stand in a world beyond salvation.

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